NDIS Accommodation

Experienced staff at Oscar Care Services can connect you to a suitable Supported independent living accommodation based on your needs. Participants and their families can discuss their home and living goals as part of their planning conversation. A participant’s plan will include the supports the NDIS will fund as well as the supports the participant will need to access through the housing system.
NDIS participants are responsible for day-to-day living costs including rent, groceries, utilities, telephone or internet costs. There are some limited circumstances where the NDIS may make a contribution to these costs.

NDIS Accommodation
Supports funded by the NDIS include

Supports funded by the NDIS include:

• Supports that build people’s capacity to live independently in the community, supports to improve living skills, money and household management, social and communication skills and behavioural management
• Home modifications to the participant’s own home or a private rental property and on a case-by-case basis in social housing
• Support with personal care, such as assistance with showering and dressing
• Help around the home where the participant is unable to undertake these tasks due to their disability, such as assistance with cleaning and laundry.


By choosing Oscar Care Services, you can be confident that you are receiving exceptional support.